Monday, January 31, 2011

From Sheet to Sweet

Have you voted over at SYTYC this week?

Did you guys vote for me last week?
There were so many good submissions! I'm just blown away at this competition.
I thought I might go home last week.... eek.
Mom said (and many others) that my workout attire was too scandalous and immodest.
Sorry guys if I offended anyone.

I wear sports bras at home to work out. I always have. What can I say?
I was a cheerleader.
So, my girls love them. shrug.

Anyways... it was so fun to make these for the girls and thank you so much if you voted for me!

I LOVE working with knits and I love trying new patterns and techniques.
These knit sheet sets are great for practicing. They are REALLY cheap for how much fabric is in there and I see them on sale ALL the time. BUY SOME! You can try all sorts of patterns and make muslins for clothes for yourself without feeling guilty if you mess up.

I used Jalie 2563 for the top. This is the first Jalie pattern I have purchased myself and MAN! I love it. They are more expensive, but you get all those sizes. It's really great.

For the pants I used the igrow pants pattern. These are the first pants I've made the girls and I LOVE them! I have to add a BUNCH of length, even for Lucy- but that was a super quick fix. I added this new Valentine monogram on the end of the pants legs, but merged the file to say 'TC' for The Colony (my hometown).

Then, you know they had to have matching TC bows! For those, I used this paw print from GGDesigns!

I love this picture of the girls from behind.
Check out Lucy's massive wedgie... or wee-G (as she calls it)

I'm still cracking up over that wedge.

okay... okay.
So... we had a LOT of fun with this photo shoot.
It was snowing the day we had to model, so the girls were freezing outside.
I would make them jump up and down in the house to get warm and then RUN outside to get a few shots and run back in. It was pretty hilarious.

Then I kept having them jump outside, too.
I love some of these shots we got.

They were actually jumping pretty high.
I guess you do that when you're outside in the freezing cold snow in a sports bra.

These workout outfits for my girls went together so quickly!
I'm so pleased with how they came out.

Now, don't forget to go vote for this week's challenge: Game Day!
Can you tell which one is mine?


Cindy's Custom Creations said...

I LOVE to sew with those knit sheets too. I've picked up some cute prints on the Target clearance racks, and lots of plain colors on the Walmart racks.

I love the outfits you made and voted for you. :-)

Michelle said...

This weeks is AWESOME, too!!!!

BConky said...

Sleeting like crazy No school for Judy.