Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hair Extensions anyone?

I've never had them.
I have really LONG hair.

but I guess they're all the rage.

My sisters wore them at their weddings.

My cousin wears them.

And they are all put in by our good friend Kelli.
(I know... all the girls I'm surrounded by are gorgeous)

For Christmas, I made her some bags to hold her extensions.

They look like they're for a five year old- Ella and Lucy LOVED them.... but I knew Kelli would love them, too.

They are just long, lined bags with a flap that folds over and snaps.

I didn't use any kind of pattern. I just took the measurements from Kelli and made the bag around that.

I haven't heard if these work great or not, but I know they look cute!
If you wear extensions... you should make some!


BConky said...

Cute. I thought they would be bigger and open out flat?

Cole's Corner said...

Those are like the ones she bought, but she didn't like them. She wanted them like this so she could throw them in her bag and they wouldn't get damaged.