Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hometown weenie roast

We usually have weenie roasts when we're visiting Grump.
They are so fun! The kids (and Mr. Cole and I) love them.

(This photo is from Christmas)

Friday night we decided to have a hometown weenie roast using our little backyard fire pit.

The kids had a blast roasting weenies and eating S'mores.
Ella especially liked lighting the marshmallows on fire.

It was pretty late once we got the whole thing orchestrated and underway.
Saturday afternoon I was regretting how long we let them stay up on Friday.
But... we had a good time at our backyard BBQ.

I am always amazed at how many hot dogs they can put away when they are roasted.

Fun times.
oh... and I bought a subscription to Picnik.


melismama said...

Love it! We do this all Spring, Summer and Fall! Love those hot dogs...I can eat 3 sometimes...roasted! Love it!

BConky said...

Love the new pics those are fun.