Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some hooded towels to gift

Here are some of the Christmas gifts I was commissioned to make.
I really wish I had better photos of them, because I love how they turned out...
but I was rushing to get them done before I left town.

First, this horsey one.... swoon. How cute!
I used this adorable pony applique from Planet Applique and my tutorial for the towels.

I used an old applique for this one that is no longer for sale.
The little girl who received this one loves Hello Kitty as much as I do, so it was super fun to make. I know she'll love it!

I love this little penguin applique by ggdesigns on this one and the bright colors... but it is driving me MAD that the bows look like they don't match... and also that the bows ties are not the same length. I really hope I fixed that before I shipped it out....

and lastly, this hooded towel for a baby shower gift.

I used the Taylor font for this one.
I really like the name Marley... I think Ella might've been a Marley if Daddy liked it. He didn't.

We still have snow on the ground today, but sadly, no snow day from school.
William was really hoping to play in the snow fort again.

Aren't they cute.
You wouldn't believe how long they stayed outside in the freezing snow.

The girls were smarter... they had me bring some snow into them in the bath tub.
One of our favorite things to do when it snows.

Gotta get to work.... ing out.... ugh. Yeah. I've started that again.

But then, I get to work on one of these. I'm excited.


Kathleen said...

All of those towels are too adorable for words, but I really love the pony. Those will make such fantastic gifts. :D

BConky said...

Love the horse towel. Glad Jerry didn't like Marley. Ghost???

Janay said...

Cute! I like how you personalized the pony design!

Julia said...

Great towels. lucky recipients!
We still have enough snow to get the kids out of school again. I'd be surprised if they go back at all this week.


Too adorable - going to make one of these for the first birthday party we go to in the new year!