Saturday, January 29, 2011

William spends his Christmas money

He's been begging us since.... well, since he got it, to spend his Christmas money.

I couldn't be happier about what he picked out!

He asked Jerry to take him Barnes and Noble and spent every dollar he had on books.
(Mom is swelling with pride)

I am a book hound. I always have been. At one point in my adolescence I had read every book in the youth section of our small home town library. That's when I moved on to the adult section. You don't know how many of my classmates made fun of me for carrying around Gone with the Wind in the 6th grade.
shrug. I didn't care. I loved that book. I still do.

Anyways... I digress.
I'm so glad that William is turning into a book hound, too.

Now, I must admit that his choice in books lacks something to be desired... to me at least.
Spiderman, Iron Man, MegaMind, Spongebob Squarepants... blah blah....

But that's half the fun, right; picking out what YOU want to read is FUN!
Plus, "this one has tattoos!"

"Now stop taking pictures Mom. I have a bunch of books to read."

Just one more because he's so cute.

Thank you for the Christmas money Nannie!


Julia said...

Good for him!!!!

BConky said...

At least he took after you in one way. And a good one.

ShirleyC said...

I'm proud of William! The important thing is that he is "reading".