Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 4- Sophie's 1st birthday ensemble

The tutu and onesie were ordered from Amazon by her mother.
Very cute!

I was commissioned to make the hat and the bib and shoes (which... sadly did not get made)

I got all the supplies for the hat at Hobby Lobby, including the paper hat I used as a pattern.

I really like how it turned out and actually spent the most time working on it.... even though Sophie wore it for 0 seconds.

All babies hate birthday hats, it seems, but none more so than Sophie.
She really hated her hat!!! (yes... it calls for several exclamation points!)
Why do I spend so much time making these... I wonder?

It is a good looking hat, though. If I do say so myself. :)

The bib she didn't mind so much.

I used this adorable number applique from Digistiches- a favorite among the young mothers.

We added some be-dazzles to it, too!

The bib wasn't merely for looks, either.
This girl loves CAKE!

REALLY! Look at her!

Have you ever seen anything so cute?
Babies are so cute...... sigh.


BConky said...

Maybe 1 second

jellaan said...

She is so cute!! LOVE the hat!! I've been saying for at least two years I was going to make some hats....maybe this year! I think a 4 and 6 year old might keep them on for a few mintutes, don't you think!!?

Julia said...

how cute can one little baby be!?! She is adorable. The ensemble is so much fun! You did a fantastic job on the hat and bib!

Amanda S. said...

I am having such fun looking at all your gifts for little Sophie. Girl, where or where do you find the time?! Great job!

Jenn said...

her hat-hating pictures are my fave.