Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 5- Sophie's 2nd ensemble

2nd ensemble?
... of course. You should see this kid's closet!
Being the baby of the family with 5 female cousins before her has some advantages.
She's also the first baby at all on the other side of the family- she's pretty spoiled!

So naturally, she had the pre-party outfit and then the after-the-cake party outfit.

She's just the happiest little thing!

My sister made the tutu for her and purchased this little owl applique to match her party.

I appliqued the shirt for her before her 1 year check-up on her real birthday.
I'm not sure who my sister purchased it from, but it's not a great file... I wouldn't recommend it anyways.

It matched all the other owl party things Megan got, though, so it was cute.

the balloons

the food

the candy

and of course, the pinata

My little sister worked really hard on this party!
We all love this little girl so much.


jellaan said...

So cute!! I've seen that design and thought about purchasing it because it is so cute, but now I'm not sure after your comment! Can you find out who your sister purchased it from? I have the design saved in my favorites on Etsy, but if it's not the same person I don't want to give her a bad name! :(

Lyn said...

I have just bought a similar little owl from "Stitch in Time" without the number. It looks very similar but I noticed that the bow is different and so are the eyes. Looks like someone copied her design. I will stitch out the one I just bought. I'm sure it is alot better as all her designs stitch out great.

Cole's Corner said...

I will ask her and see where it came from ... I'm pretty sure it wasn't from Stitch on Time.

Mary said...

I think she purchased it from me on Etsy (LC Creative). There were a few people who purchased it when I first listed it months ago that accidentally received the wrong file. If the file has a ridiculous amount of color changes and stops, then she received the wrong one. If that's what happens when you stitch it out, it is the wrong file! I thought I resent the correct file to everyone, but she never contacted me about it. If she did buy it from me, please email me at and I'll send you the correct file. It stitches out really nicely when the right one is used!

Mary said...

I just emailed you about the design too. I would love to hear back from you about it!