Monday, February 21, 2011

Day One of Sophie's birthday- Mermaid doll

I've got thousands... okay, well not thousands... but LOTS of pictures from Sophie's birthday celebration.

So I will be breaking the post up throughout the whole week.
Yes. The whole week.

Are you new here?
Well... let me introduce you to Sophie.

She is the adorable smiling baby in the center.
That's my littlest sister who just got married in November and all the other little girls are my other nieces and daughters.

Cute, huh? okay.... well.....

I knew I wanted to make some toys for Sophie's birthday.
I LOVE making toys and rarely get a chance to make them.

A few months ago I found this pattern online and knew that I had to make it. So I ordered some of this fabric, after I about died over the price.
But I've been stalking the fabric worm for months and nothing ever really goes on sale. :(

I've learned to just buy less of what I really want, though, instead of getting a bunch of something just because it's cheap. I've been working on that for a while.

I'm so glad I splurged on the fabric, because I just love it and it took so little for this project that I still have some left to hoard! :)

Sophie's Momma, my sister Megan, was a Little Mermaid hound dog so mermaids always remind me of her.

This doll is super tiny- about 6 inches long and very narrow. Perfect for little hands. She is also almost completely sewn by hand (which I surprisingly didn't mind)

My favorite things about her are
1. the fabrics
2. her hair
3. the crinkle sounding paper I put in her tail

but, really, just the hair. I LOVE the minky hair.

And the little tag, of course. I love tags.

Sophie liked her mermaid, too... here's the proof.

She liked the hair the best, too.

It's so soft and fun to chew on.

What I don't like about her
1. her narrow little arms were really, REALLY hard to stuff- they are kinda floppy from the lack of stuffing
2. her eyes are TOO wide set. She looks a bit like a mermaid who has one parent who is a hammerhead shark..... :(
next time I will do the face how I like it instead of following the pattern
3. I'm probably going to have to make a few more of these, but I get bored. For the most part, after I've made one of something... I don't really want to do it again.

But my nieces and daughters REALLY liked this little mermaid, especially Hailey.
She asked me to make her one... here's how it went.

Hailey: "Will you make me a mermaid today, just like this one?"
Me: "Well, it's Sophie's birthday, so I'm working on stuff for Sophie, but I'll make you one for YOUR birthday."
Hailey: (looking at me like I'm the stupidest person on the planet)
"But my birthday is AUGUST 9th!".... she says with disgust.
Me: "Well, I know, but I have a bunch of stuff to make for Sophie and then after that it's Alyssa's (her little sisters) birthday."
Hailey: Huge grin and VERY excited.
"Cole!~ I know exactly what you can get Alyssa! ...
a mermaid doll EXACTLY like this one. She would LOVE that!"

.... and you know what, she did love it.
She got a hold of that mermaid doll and would not let go.
I kept trying to get it from her and she would say (in the cutest 2 year old voice)
"Where's Ariel?"

so... despite my attempt to make a million different things for all the nieces, I guess it's one of these for every upcoming birthday.
Hailey's not the type to forget.


BConky said...

Hailey is so funny. Love the mermaid.

Stacia said...

This is so cute. I love the hair too. I...strongly dislike hand sewing. I don't think I would ever make one. I love tags though, yours are so cute!

megangorman said...

hailey is hilarious!!

sophie was playing with the mermaid as i was ready this : )