Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day Two of Sophie's birthday- whittle whimsy doll

I just love Bit of Whimsy Dolls!
This is one of the first shops I fell in love with when I discovered etsy a few years ago.

I have MANY of the patterns, but have only managed to make a handful of them.

I'm really a sucker for those sleepy eyes!

I always want to make these, but rarely find the time or occasion.
Sophie's first birthday was the perfect excuse and I was so excited to get to use my new Harry and Ginny Wittle Whimsy doll pattern.

The pattern even comes with a tiny quilt pattern for the baby!
Mine is a little bit smaller, though, because I machine quilted it with this free file from GGDesigns.

I added 'Cole's Creations' on there, too, with this font.
Too bad I didn't get it lined up right... urg.

I tried to make the baby look like Sophie.

What do you think?

Look! You can see a little sneak peek for what's coming tomorrow....

What I love about her:
1. Her skirt- I just LOVE that fabric!!! I got it from fabric.com in three color ways- so you'll be seeing it again.
2. How small she is- perfect for tiny baby hands
3. Her hair- I just love those pigtail poofies!
4. Sophie loves her!

What I'll change next time:
1. making the eyes closer together.... what's with the wide set eyes?
2. the raw edge on the arms and legs. I'll just add a seam allowance and turn them inside out.

But... overall, I just love how she turned out.
I love making little dolls!


jellaan said...

So cute!! Love Bit of Whimsy!! Have a bunch of her doll patterns, cut out several of one of the dolls and they are still waiting to be sewn up! Need more time in the day!! Thanks for the reminder on the free design from GG Designs....need to put that to use!!

Crystal said...

Oh my gosh! I am loving these dolls and the mermaid one is SO adorable too.. I so wish I could sew like that!

megangorman said...

this doll lives in my purse... sophie loves her in the car and at the store : ) LOVE her.... but so does pete. stupid dog!