Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentines Day Honey

I like the idea of handmade Valentines.
But sometimes I run out of time....

I did get a little something made for Mr. Cole, though.

My husband LOVES 80's music, so when I saw this CD at Target this year, I knew it had to come home for him.

Then I saw this adorable file from Lynnie Pinnie.
swoon.... how cute!!!

I used this CD sleeve from Sewing for Sarah and took off the face in Embird and added the boom box.

I love it.
I'm not sure Mr. Cole is as thrilled about it as I am.... but oh well.

There's a little pocket on the back to slip the CD into. I used satin and this cute heart fabric and changed the bobbin thread to red.

That's the extent of the Valentine sewing I did this year.
Pathetic, I know.
I will strive to do better next year.

I really want to make some of these for next year.


BConky said...

Let's hope Jerry never shows it to his brother in laws.

jennifer said...

You got to love the 80's.:)