Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter gear!

I was supposed to be driving home to TX with the girls yesterday...
but it snowed a record 6 inches in my home town and the schools have been shut down for 4 days.

We decided I should wait until the roads cleared up.
So, (while I was feeling sorry for myself about that) I decided I should make the girls some winter hats.

I have this thing about buying winter gear patterns and then never making them. They look so cute on the pattern covers, but then I wait too long to make them and end up picking something up at Wal-Mart. Aside from this Ninja Turtle hat (one of my favorite things I've ever made) I haven't made many winter things.

Well... that is all going to change now.
I just love these hats I made the girls. They were so quick, so easy to make, and so cheap. I literally just used small scraps of fleece from the stash.

For Lucy's, I used McCall's 6213-

which was stupid, because the smallest size is a 6. It's definitely big on Lucy, but she likes it and I suppose she can just grow into it.

I let the kids pick their own patterns and fabrics, but I had to add these little hearts on the flaps of Lucy's and the furry fleece to the inside. She doesn't usually care about my little additions. :)

I like how this hat covers her little neck to keep her extra warm.

Ella chose Butterick 4880.

I made the largest size on the pattern for her, which is a little snug. It would really be better to make them switch hats... but they won't.

Ella let me add a little something to her hat, too. :)
I cut those white flowers with my Sizzex machine and then just sewed them on the hat with a button.

This one doesn't cover the neck, but I really like it anyways.
I decided I would make one for me. :)

But that had to wait, because William came home from school and decided he needed something.

He chose this puppy dog scarf from Simplicity 4354 in royal blue.

???? what?
Okay. Whatever.

Then he picked googly eyes for the eyeballs. Whoa! Okay son.

He does look handsome, though, even with this silly scarf.

I like how the end of the scarf goes thru the arms and can be pulled up to the neck- or even around the mouth and nose.

So, now, I have happy, warm kids!


Lyn said...

Hi Nicole. I love your hats. Wondering where you got the label "Made with love by Coles Creations" Love that. It is something I am looking for. Lyn

Mrs.Fitz said...

They look great! William's scarf is adorable!