Friday, March 4, 2011

4 skirts in 3 days

Remember when I was working on adult skirts??
I was a little stressed and a little excited.

It was soooo fun to try new things and to make something with more design elements than children's clothing, though.

I started with the circle skirt from MADE.
I've made them for little girls, but not for an adult.

I would love to wear one if I was thinner- so I knew I wanted to try it.

We found this perfect silky plaid at Hancock Fabrics and I had this elastic in my stash already.

Diamond liked this skirt the best, as did I.
I mean, who doesn't love a twirly skirt?

The next pattern I used was Simplicity 2758.
We were limited on fabric choices, because we were matching suit jackets.

For view C- we chose this brown poly blend from Hancock Fabrics. Never in my life would I choose this, but it matched the jacket perfectly and actually turned out really cute.

It's just a circle skirt, too, but with a waistband and side seams and an invisible zipper.... which I'd never done before. ah :/
oh... and these cute little tabs with buttons.

For view D, we chose this really pretty black and white pin stripe faux suede (also from Hancock Fabrics)

This one had a big pleat in the front

and also, a side invisible zipper- which I did REALLY good the second time.
pat on the back...

I was really proud of how well I got those stripes lined up on the waistband and side seam and front pleat.

Small victories...
mean so much when you're trying new things- like invisible zippers and lapped zippers
(which didn't turn out so great)

I need a little more practice on that one.

But I love how this skirt turned out using Simplicity 2655. I made view A omitting the pockets.
I've actually made this skirt for myself in the shorter version, but I threw it out because I never wore it.
Not even once... the fabric was too stiff and I could never find anything to match it. I never thought that black shirt looked good with it.

The longer version has a great silhouette and we made it with a very flowy black crepe and I lined it with a black lining so it just hangs beautifully.

I love that second photo because you can see how the skirt billows out at the bottom.

I really had fun making these skirts for our friend, trying something new and mastering new skills is so rewarding.

I really love the lining I put in the waistbands with my little tags. :)
It just makes me smile.

These girls are just so fun.

Thank you so much to Reba and Diamond for trusting me to make these skirts for her trip to the capitol, not freaking out that I made them at the last minute, putting up with the photo shoot, and for paying me, even though you didn't need to.

I still want to make some things for A.P, too.


BConky said...

Wow Cole those are fantastic. Adorable.

Ellie Inspired said...

Very professional. I love the fun linings you used too. I think that makes it so "couture". :) Good job!

Goosegirl said...

Nicole, you did a great job on these! that invisible zipper is super invisible!! And I love your labels too!

JennyLyn said...

So cute. You did an excellent job matching those strips! I loooove your waist linings. What a darling -so Nichole- thing to do! I have to steal that idea. I really need labels too!