Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Gifts for Baby Trace

Did I tell you guys I have a new cousin?

Isn't he sweet?!
Mr. Trace Jude was born on Valentines Day!!!

Want to see what we sent?
(I say we because Mom majorly helped with the purchase of the fabrics and I made them. It was a joint effort and gift)

Baby gift essentials for the Mom who has NOTHING anymore; their baby is 10, so all the newborn stuff was given away long ago.

Bibs: (I used this pattern by Strawberry Truffle)

Spot Pup Applique from Sewing for Sarah

Vintage Applique Alphabet by Embroidery Boutique

Teddy Bear applique extracted from lovie pillow by Sewing for Sarah

Burps: (I used this tutorial from Homemade by Jill for the raggy ones and my own pattern for the terry and flannel ones)

Extra large receiving blankets:
(I cut mine 45 X45 square)

Tied up with toys (of course):
(tiger and bear by Sewing for Sarah)

A baby wipes case:
(in the hoop project by Digistitches)

And blankets (my favorite things to make for babies):

Minky with monogram:
(Frame by I have no idea....and French Cafe Alphabet by Planet Applique)

Fleece and Flannel with applique and self binding edges:
(applique by Designs by Juju)

I love this applique and fabric!

And (my cousin's favorite) the lab baby blanket
(puppy applique by Planet Applique)

with handmade bias binding:

and lab applique:

Whew.... see how busy I've been.
I'm still blogging about January and February and I still have so many things from February to show you!

And some new stuff from this month, too.

But the girls are BEGGING me to go to the library... so I must go without adding links.
I'm sorry... I'm usually very good about that, but they CAN'T WAIT! Let me know if you're interested in where this stuff came from and I'll email you back. Please make sure your email address is linked to your profile!

*Edited to add links*


Karamat said...

I have a black lab (mix) so I'm lovin' that lab blanket!! Everything is so cute!

BConky said...

Nicole you out did yourself. Love it all

sordanuts said...

Love the bibs. Is that an original pattern or did you 'wing' it?

Linda said...

Fabulous collection! You inspire me!