Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Corrections and New Stuff

Okay.... some corrections and additions.

Some of you inquired and I finally figured out what file I used for Trace's minky blanket.

It's the Riley Frame from Planet Applique. You get the dotted version (which I used) and also the satin version.

Also, the file I used for Sophie's birthday shirt is from LC Creative We got the wrong file and that's why it wasn't very good. Since then, the owner, Mary has sent us the corrected file and also a complimentary file for the mistake. I thought that was so nice! The new file is just the owl without the number... so I'm anxious to use it on my next owl project.

Also... some new stuff on the blog! woo hoo

We now have RSS feed.
No, I have really no idea what that is, but Kristy was kind enough to walk me through it and get it set up for you guys. If you would like to receive Cole's Corner and Creations in your email inbox or other readers- you just click on that icon on the left. Thank you so much Kristy!

I also just created a Flickr account called Your Creations! yea!
I'm constantly getting emails and pictures from you guys with hooded towels or other things you've made inspired by something you saw here. I've probably asked you if I could share it on the blog... and then never done it. I save them to my computer and then forget, so really this Flickr account will help me keep track of them and then I can do a blog post from the pool of stuff you guys made.
It just makes my day to see things you've made.... or gotten from me.... you can also post pictures of your little model wearing stuff I made in there, too. squeal!
I'm so excited about this.

I'm probably gonna do a give-a-way from the flickr pool... so start adding photos!


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