Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dr. Suess's birthday

Was celebrated Wednesday.

William informed me the night before... right at bedtime that he needed a costume.

See... I knew I needed that fabric stash!

Isn't he cute.
We just layered a black t-shirt (yea! They were 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby last week) over a long sleeved character t, threw on some black pants, and found the hat and the bag in the dress up box. I'm pretty sure we got those from the $1 Target spot last year.

Then I just cut a length of red fleece and tied it around his neck.

Whew. What a save.

He was happy. I was happy.

Here he is with his teacher- thing 1.

Here I am reading "Green Eggs and Ham" to his class... I don't know what kind of face I'm making, but I love Lucy down there holding onto my legs.

I also took some green eggs up to the class, but in the hustle forgot to pack a lunch for William.

I love this picture of him looking at the school lunch (can you tell he packs everyday?)

Try it (William). Try it and you may... try it and you may I say.


Linda said...

What lucky kids to have such a creative Mom! William looks so proud and pleased with his costume and Lucy clinging to your leg is precious!

BConky said...

Funny funny funny face