Monday, March 21, 2011

Dress a girl around the world

So... I dressed a girl around the world a couple weeks ago...
or I guess I dressed four girls around the world.

It was so much fun! What a cool feeling to know that a little girl somewhere will have a new dress thanks to me. :)

I will definitely be doing more of this in the future. Thank you so much to Little Big Girl Studio for spreading the word about this charity.

I let the girls pick out the fabrics to make.
Ella chose this one first. She's always loved this fabric.
I'm not really a fan of black on little girls, but she loves it.
It's left over from this outfit (which I actually love!)

The second one she picked was this fabric from Hobby Lobby leftover from these outfits I made Hailey and Grapes.

I think it's my favorite.

I love the colors.

Lucy chose this one first- every little girl I know loves polka dots....

These fabrics are also from hobby lobby and left over from Hailey and Grapes portrait picture dresses.

photo by Surely Sweet Photography

And lastly, Lucy chose these fabrics also left over from a dress I made Hailey- for her 2nd birthday.

sigh... yes... these fabrics have been in my stash for almost three years.

YES! It felt GOOD to use them!

I have SO many things to show you guys that I've been working on.... it's insane.
I'm packing to leave for Spring Break, though.... so some things will have to be on hold (like the car seat tutorial... sorry... I know you guys are waiting for it)

I do have a bunch of cute baby pictures to show you guys! That's always fun.
Also, I know of a couple give-a-ways going on soon to tell you guys about and a pattern review coming up.

Be patient with me. There's a lot going on around here.
I'll try to be diligent in posting... but I'm not promising anything.

Today is our first day of spring break and I'm already pooped.


Stacia said...

These are so sweet! I love the watermelon one. Have fun on your spring break:)

Back Porch Blessings said...

The dresses r great. Have a fun n safe spring break. Ours started this week also but nothing fun going on at my house just sewing n sleeping in. Lol. When the girls let me that is. ;0)

BConky said...

I love that you did this for 4 lucky little girls. Hope Nannie's surgery goes perfect today. Will be thinking and praying for her all day.