Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Minky blanket with ruffles

We still haven't found our kitty and I still haven't been on the machines...
but I have something to share with you that I made a few weeks ago, anyways.

If you're a fan of my facebook page, you know that this blog is NEVER in chronological order anyhow.

Remember when I got my blog make-over? Well... this is how I paid for the service. :)
I made this baby blanket for one of our mutual friends. I had so much fun making it.

I used to despise making minky and satin baby blankets with ruffles!!!
I still made them anyways... because they're just so dang cute and everyone loves them.

But I FINALLY have a system that works for me and doesn't make me want to pull all my hair out and say every curse word known to man.

And thank goodness for that, because I just love how these turn out.
Every time I say it's my new favorite. Just look at those ruffles.
(All done on the serger, by the way!)

I've started buying fabrics that I know will match embroidery files I have, so I had to have this flannel to go with my Heart Argyle file from Digistiches.

It's just so perfect together... tied up with a bow... I love this blanket!

And I think the mother-to-be did too.

Just look at that smile!

I'm going to put together a little tip post for how I make these... just in case you HATE making them like I used to.


Anonymous said...

yay i can't wait for that tip post!

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

What a pretty blanket!

Sheila said...

Beautiful as usual! Would NEVER of thought to use black minky for a little girl, but it works great with that fabric! How big do you make your minky blankets?

Stacia said...

This is just so ironic. I spent hours on the internet last night looking at these in shops and reading tutorials, etc. And now you're posting about it, today! Perfect! And if I don't have a this impossible? Thanks!

BConky said...

Love it even if it is black. ha ha

Chelsi said...

I loved it! Thanks!! I can't wait until Abby comes and I can send you some pictures of her with it, it won't be long now!! I lobe the black minky too- thought it would make a great backdrop for picts too!

telisa@sugartotdesigns said...

I LOOOVE how this turned out! I have been making minky blankets for my boys but wanted to try and add the ruffle. Did you sew it right sides together (with the ruffle in the middle)? I am worried it will be too bulky around the edges it I do that? Suggestions?