Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some T-shirts for Xavier

Well... like I said, I was having so much fun making stuff like this for Xavier that I decided to go pick up some RTW t-shirts to applique.

I just sent my cousin some links and asked her to pick out some favorites.

She picked

Skully Bones:

and Baby penguin:

Then, on this screen printed shirt, I just did Xavier Rocks!

Then I monogrammed this little backpack for him. I've found that Mom's of one year old's love stuff like this, so they can stop carrying a huge baby bag and switch to something smaller.

I used the Posh Circle font and the taylor font for his name.

One more thing to show you tomorrow for Xavier and then that's it.
I'll be making my pillowcase dresses for Dress a Girl around the World this afternoon.

Are you guys participating in that?
They're really quick and easy to make.


BConky said...

All cute. Thinking about my little Lucy today. Hope the surgery goes quick. Poor Baby.