Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Story about Sophie and the Darla Jumper outfit

Soooo remember this pattern I wanted from The Bailey Girl's shop?

Jen sent it to me! Yea!
Thank you, again. I've since made two of these dresses!

This is the story of the first one I made for Sophie.

Scene: At her party, admiring her new clothes.

A couple weeks later, a package comes in the mail!!!

Ta-da!The Darla Jumper!


Yes. They are cute!!!

But... what's this?

OH NO!!! Poor baby!

Yes. That's better.

Yes... so the shoes didn't fit... and it's a durn shame, too, because I just love how they came out.

I used this pattern again, but added the big bows to the front instead of the flowers.
Megan wanted plain black... but I just couldn't do it.

For the bow, I got some of this NEW headband stuff from Hobby Lobby and just kept layering the ribbons.

I really like it in action- but not so much on Lucy.

I do like the dress on Lucy, though.

Isn't she cute!?
(The is the bodice pre-ruffles)

and post ruffles.

I especially like the back of this dress with little sassy boots.

Perhaps Sophie can get some boots to wear with it since the shoes didn't fit.

*All fabrics and ribbons are from Hobby Lobby.*


BConky said...

I love the Sophie story. Will you read it to me.

megangorman said...

OH MY GOSH! i love it!!!
so cute! and sophie and i just love the dress so much! thanks : )

Stacia said...

That dress is darling! Your photo story was fun, thanks for sharing!

The Artisann said...

omg she shed REAL TEARS! SO SAD!!!hahha. great story :)

Amanda S. said...

Ha! This cracked me up!

Kristy said...

Love it! Great work and oh so cute. :o)