Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Dancers

Have you guys seen this pattern from Ellie Inspired?
I've been ogling over it for a while now and Laura saw a comment on facebook about me coveting that pattern and guess what?

She sent it to me!!!! Thank you so much Laura! I LOVE it so much.
I knew right away that I would make the girls Easter outfits with it.

Lucy chose this little chick fabric, from Hancock Fabrics, which I really love.

It's girly and sweet and young and it goes perfectly with this adorable applique from ggdesigns.

I really like this little Easter outfit and I REALLY love the little bow.

The chick is, of course, the matching felt stitchie from ggdesigns.

Ella picked a little bolder fabric with bunnies on it from Hancock Fabrics.

It was really windy on photo shoot day, but the outfits had already been sitting around for days waiting for the rain to go away so we could model.
The girls couldn't wait any longer to have their clothes!

Ella was especially excited about this outfit. She's been 'into' clothes more lately.

I wanted to put this applique on the shirt, but she insisted that this one was better because it matched the circles on the fabric..... wow. She's already thinking about that kind of stuff... I'm so proud.

Her bow is my favorite... I just love this bow!
I've had that pink and orange stripe ribbon in my stash FOR-EVER... just waiting for the right outfit.

The bunny on it is from Digistitches.

Yep... between my Mom and myself, we buy all the hair bow embroidery thingies.
They make me so happy!

Sewing for Sarah is starting to make some, too. Aren't they cute!

And speaking of cute... I didn't even tell them to hold hands.

I just love these girls.
They got tickled over something and couldn't stop laughing.

Which was way better than the day before... when Lucy was TOO cold to model.

See... they don't always look like this.

Now, to make an Easter shirt for William... he's requested something I'm really not crazy about. sigh.....

I also have a few other things to make the girls and a give-a-way coming up tomorrow for those of you that have embroidery machines!


jellaan said...

Those outfits are so cute, as are the girls!!! They are such good models!! :)

Lucky you....I've been eyeing that pattern too and was thinking about buying it with the current discount!!

BConky said...

Those are so sweet. What's wrong with William's Easter dog, it's cute.

Goosegirl said...

I LOVE their Easter outfits!!! Darling!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Those are absolutely ADORABLE!!!

beth said...

Those skirts are divine! Thanks for your comment on my swimsuit. said...

I had never seen this pattern and I think this is perfect because I want to wear my daughter like her, I got crazy with that dress.

pharmacy said...

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