Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flower Lucy

Soooo... I've been {slowly} cleaning out my sewing area... which is a TOTAL disaster.
It's driving me nuts!

Anyways... I keep finding U.F.O's and LOTS of RTW things I bought to 'jazz up' and never got to. Most of them are going to Sophie or Grapes... because they're too small for the girls, but I did find these size 3T shorts and shirt that I bought Lulu last summer from Tar-gea.... they're really cute. I just couldn't ever decide what to put on the shirt. I didn't want to put a flower on there... but couldn't think of anything else.


A year later, and I still can't think of anything else, so I just put the durn flower on there.(which is from Lynnie Pinnie) I kinda hate putting kids names on clothes, too, but it just needed something in orange and I figured she'd ruin it by getting it dirty anyways. It's just for play clothes....
(delightful font by ggdesigns)

but I really love it.

My Aunt and Uncle used to have a black lab named Flower Lucy and she was the funniest dog! Every time I looked at Lulu today, I couldn't help but thinking about Flower Lucy {the dog}. I wish I had a photo to show you of the dog that would eat anything if it had ranch on it. :)

My Lucy loves it, too. So that's also a plus.
I wish this hadn't been hiding on my shelf for a year, but at least it's done now.
Along with a couple of other things I can't wait to show ya'll!

Happy weekend!


Julie said...

Lucy's so ctue!! Love her poses!! The shirt is cute too. Like you, I don't usually put the kid's names on things I make for them, but I have done a few lately with their names and they LOVE them (and request more!). :)

beth said...

Your kiddos are too stinkin' cute.

I'd love to know where you get your labels if you don't mind emailing me.

BConky said...


BConky said...

I miss you Lucy Bucy