Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hooded snuggie Christmas gifts

My kids got these adorable hooded blankets from their Aunt (pronounced Aint)
and they just LOVE them to death.

But the girls blankets are identical and they're constantly fighting over who's is who's.
So... I fixed that the other day.

I used the Boys R Gross font to add their names to the top, right under the crown.
Lucy chose purple and Ella chose pink.

Now, they're two VERY snugly, happy campers!

Especially Ella, who is very into having things personalized right now.

I figure these things are gonna be so worn out by the time the kids grow out of them, that nobody will want us to pass them down anyhow.

Lucy is especially fond of wearing hers outdoors and I've already had to mend the arms twice on Ella's. She likes to wear hers as a cape!

And just for fun, here's some shots of William in his. It's a puppy dog... awwww.

Isn't he adorable all snuggled up in his blanket.
I can't wait until he gets home from school! Just a couple more minutes!


A Plus Quilt Shop said...

Is your entire family talented? Those are adorable! I am sure they will be well loved and snuggled every day!

BConky said...

Those are realy cute

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