Monday, April 25, 2011

Matching doll dresses for the girls!

Yea! I'm so glad I got these made.
They are such a hit with the girls and were so fun to make.

I got the patterns for Ariel from the Liberty Jane website. They're really for the BFC ink doll, which Ella also has, but we were happy to find out that they fit Ariel okay, since that's her favorite doll EV-a. You can tell by her dirty face and ... hair.

I used this pattern for the skirt and can't believe that I paid that much for it (NEVER again) and this pattern for the shirt, which was FREE! yea.

I used this little bunny snap clip design for the applique.

I really like how it turned out.
Ella wanted to know why it wasn't exactly the same as her skirt, but she really likes it, too.

Lucy's was even more of a hit!
She really hasn't touched this doll since Christmas, but now she is REALLY into it. She was carrying her around and kissing her and pretending all day. It was really cute!!!!

I wasn't gonna dare purchase another doll pattern after the first one, so I just made my own. I will share the pattern with you guys once I figure out how to make a pattern into a pdf and share it online. (any help with that?)

I used a pattern from this book for the top and this adorable little chick for the applique on the shirt.

Here's the girls Easter morning with their dolls.

I think I did pretty good matching them to the Easter outfits.


BConky said...

Wow Cole those are adorable

Justin said...

Awesome! I loved the Easter outfits, BTW. I can see some doll and girl matching dresses in my future. Glad to know they are such a hit!

Michelle said...

Cute!! What a great idea.

kendascrafts said...

That's really cute! It really makes me want to have a girl! As far as converting your pattern to a .pdf you'll need Adobe Acrobat for that. After that just right click on the file and select 'convert to pdf'. Hope that helps! And if you already knew that, sorry for the redundancy!

jellaan said...

Those little outfit are so cute!! You can tell the girls love them!!

For the pdf file, do you have a scanner to scan them? I know my scanner can scan to a pdf file. Or, as kendascrafts mentioned, you can use Adobe Acrobat, but I think you need the full version for that.

Alandra said...

Great Easter outfits! As for help with the pdf file, the two options mentioned above work - but Acrobat isn't cheap. If your scanner converts to pdf, that would be easiest. If not, there are several free pdf converters on the web (cute pdf is the one that comes to mind.) After installation, the program acts like a printer. In your file, you would choose the print option, then instead of actually printing to your printer, you would select the converter program from the printer drop down. That will open up a "save" dialog box that lets you choose where to save your new pdf file.
That's a bit wordy for an explanation, but it isn't always entirely clear how those programs work...hope that helps, because I want the doll clothes pattern! :)

xlpharmacy said...

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Kristin said...

If you want to clean your doll, you can try using a magic eraser. I used one on my sister's american girl doll and it worked great. :)