Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mermaid doll for Grapes... er... Lucy

So... Alyssa really liked the mermaid softie I made Sophie for her birthday, so I thought I'd make a mermaid for her birthday, too.

You KNOW I can't make the same thing twice, so I got this pattern from Bit of Whimsy Dolls and decided to make her out of the same fabrics as her birthday outfit.

Well, I just happened to be working on this the same day that Lucy had her surgery (to remove a planter wart from the bottom of her foot).

Needless to say... she fell in love with it.

I kept saying, 'but that's for Alyssa, okay Lucy'... and she'd say 'yes, I know, but will you make one for me, too, just like her, with the same hair, the same eyes, the same cheeks...etc."

You know I hate making the same thing twice.

So, even though I vowed not to give it to anyone but Alyssa...
the combination of emotions from Lucy having surgery and her sweet, little raspy voice telling me how much she loved it and watching her silk it's hair for hours...

by the end of the night, I just told her it was hers.
I'm sorry Grapes.

She kept saying, "really?... really Mom?... it's mine!... not Alyssa's? I can have it... for-ever?"

Of all the dolls I've ever made, I've never seen Lucy flip over one like this.
It's so cute.

I'm so glad I gave it to her. She is really loved.

As you can see, I changed her face.
I learned my lesson on the last dolls I made.
Now I know, to just to make the face how I want and I'm so glad I did.

I also added little cheeks and the little flower stitchies to the front.
Ella actually picked out this yarn for her mermaid's hair (that I haven't made yet...) It's from Hobby Lobby and it's really thick- almost like fleece. It was sort of hard to stitch on the head and to pull thru, but I love how it looks and it's sparkly, too.

I thought this pattern was a bit more difficult than the ones of hers I've done in the past and next time I'm going to make the arms thicker. It's just so hard to stuff those things.


Just Jo said...

Such a cute doll...and so is the mermaid! I hope Lucy recovers quickly-kids usually do!!

BConky said...

Such a cute little mermaid. Lucy needed her.

Michelle said...

So cute...Lucy & the mermaid!