Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mermaids! Mermaids!

It's always been about the mermaids at my house.
Ella has carried an Ariel doll for as long as I can remember and Lucy just followed right after her with a love for everything mermaid. I guess it runs in the whole family.

So, after I gave Alyssa's mermaid to Lucy, I had to come up with another plan... which, as I learned, would have to include giving Alyssa's sister, Hailey, a mermaid too, to avoid world war 3. I can't give something to one non-birthday girl and not the rest and ... I can't make these for everyone, so I went with these.
Super cute, small, faster to make, and fun to personalize.

I made one for each of the girls coming to the party and let Ella and Lucy help pick out the colors for their hair and tails and skin.

Ella had to have hers look like Ariel, of course.

Lucy chose rainbow hair???.... everything's about rainbows right now... and brown skin. so cute!

I think all the girls liked their mermaid dolls!

And we certainly had fun making them.

And playing with them, too.


BConky said...

mermaid mannia