Saturday, April 2, 2011

No fabric in April

Thank you Kimberlee, of the Spunky Diva.

This is just the challenge I need.
You guys remember my sewing room.... aka living room?

You agree, I NEED this challenge, right?

Or are you laughing at me, like the sweet employee at Hancock Fabrics?

That's right. She downright laughed in my face when I told her I wasn't going to be back until May. It was pretty funny.

...well, I won't be back for fabrics anyways.
I might need some thread, or patterns, or interfacing, or buttons.
That's allowed, right, Kimberlee?

Want to join me? Hop over to the Spunky Diva and grab your button.
And get ready to see what I can make out of the stash.
Not that that's really impressive... considering how much of a stash I have.
Anyways.... join me.

If you're looking for the give-a-way- click here.


Bolo heads said...

How can they say no fabric in April when it is Easter month. I mean seriously have people really finished all their shopping for Easter? I still need to get lining and tulle. I am not playing, no way, no how.
Good luck with that one though. Aso you totally win. You will die with the most fabric, I only wish I was in your will.

everythingsewing said...

Good luck, will be watching to see how this turns out.


Just Jo said...

Nicole- you are a BRAVE woman. I can NOT join you in your mission. Too much nice fabric to buy ;)

Goosegirl said...

I think I need to stick to this challenge too. Bleh. WAYYYYYYYYY too much fabric at my house, and no place to put it! YIKES!

Back Porch Blessings said...

Well I too need to back away from buying fabric since I have enough to sew 2 or 3 things a day for the next 20 years and not use up my stash, but what can I say I'm addicted. Good luck, wish I could join you but I blew it this weekend when we went out of town.

Michelle said...

Cole, this is NOT a's a fabric store in your living room!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Notions are definitly allowed. I have made it so far... of course I haven't been into town either, LOL!
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