Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pageant Princess Garment Bag

The kiddos had a birthday party to go to Saturday afternoon
{that Mr. Cole told me about Friday afternoon. sigh....}
so, Saturday after soccer games I sewed away on this gift until party time.

I knew the little one did pageants and (according to her husband) the mommy is really into it, so I thought she would appreciate a garment bag.
But.... I wanted the little one to like it, too, so I tried my best to make it look like a pageant princess.

Getting that sash lined up was a bit of a pain, but other than that, it was fun to make!

I used this crown applique on the top and added her name with this font.

I really like this little pattern by Sara Norris. It's the second one I've made and I really need to make some more.

They're really fun to make and great for storing special clothes in.
I love the little pockets on the front for bows or socks or whatever
and the ruffle on the bottom... especially in pink satin! love.

I spent so much time sewing up the little gift, though, that I had to miss the party... which I was sad about, but I think she liked it and I had fun making it!

I wish I would've gotten some better photos of it, but isn't that always


Sara said...

great job on this!!!

BConky said...


DiannaMcClung said...

Would u please contact me i will pay whatever it maybe to have this made for my daughter!!!