Friday, April 15, 2011

Pajama shorts for Jakey's birthday

Yep... I'm still going strong on the No Fabric in April pledge.
So, I had to cut all these shorts out of fabrics from the stash.

I know what you're thinking....
that you've seen my stash and it shouldn't be hard to make anything out of it.

But Jacob is very particular about what he likes and he likes SESAME STREET!
I really need to re-stock my selection of sesame street fabrics for him when I'm allowed to buy fabric again.

I had to do some pretty fancy finagling to get these cut out.
(I used the Easy Fit Pants pattern)

These are pieced with another fabric- a design opportunity- I love the little patches along the leg.

These have one leg pieced with the same fabric.

These have shorter hems and narrower legs.

Only the cookie monster pair was I able to cut properly. Those will be his favorite, anyways.

My favorite thing about them is the little ribbon tags. I love those.

It feels good to de-stash... what else can I make?


BConky said...

Jacob will love all his new sleeping shorts. Of course he'll want to wear them all day

jellaan said...

Great shorts and very creative on your piecing!! :) Thanks for the idea to use the Easy Fit Pattern for shorts.....should make some for my kids!!

CODE 3 CALI GIRL said...

Where did you find the baseball Sesame Street fabric?