Friday, May 20, 2011

Circus photos

Mr. Cole and I laughed, that the next time we go to the circus, we're gonna leave the kids at home.
Which, isn't really fair.... William had a great time, Ella had an okay time..... Lucy......

well... see for yourself.

Maybe she was tired or grumpy that we weren't buying any cotton candy, lemonade, or circus toys or maybe she was just disappointed about the lack of tigers (which they had the last time we went to the circus). I was pretty disappointed about that myself, but she was a little turd.

She kept asking "when are we gonna go home?"
hahahhahaha... kids.

She did enjoy the pre-show.
She and Ella went to hula hoop.
Of course, Boo's was asking the performer if she could have the light up one.

Ella cracks me up.
She is not afraid to talk to anyone, ask for anything, or push her way to the front.
She also did some jump roping in the show and managed to push her way to the front with the dancing clown.

That's my girl!

This perked Lucy up a little bit.

But not really. The rest of us loved the elephants, though.
Especially William. He is my big animal lover.

They wouldn't allow photos during the show and after the show NO ONE wanted their picture taken.... except Ella.
Thanks Boo.

So, the circus was a minor success, the outfits a major success, and then.... the rain came down.
Look what we came home to.

Thank goodness, there was no damage to the homes, but it was scary to come home to that.
We got some renters insurance that Monday.
Just to be safe.


BConky said...

Just imagine Ella thinking she was the most important kid there. Shocking.

Vasu said...

wow....looks fun

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Gotta love kids, LOL! Can't believe the rain, geesh. Can you send some of that my way????

Amanda S. said...

I had fond memories of the circus from the one or two times I got to go as a child. But my boys weren't that impressed. They wanted all those SUPER expensive trashy circus toys they saw everyone else walking around with. Which we did not buy. It was a flop in our family too. Oh well, we tried it once.

Amy said...

The last time the girls and I went to the circus was 4 years ago - I thought that Hannah (10 years at the time) would have a blast. She hated it! Rachael (4 yo then) loved it so much. She talked about it for days and kept asking when we could go again.

Kids are weird.

P.S. I don't blame y'all for not buying stuff - $9 for a bag of cotton candy? Ridiculous!