Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lucy's circus dress

So... you guys liked the headband from yesterday???
Me too! and I've been making them like a mad woman.
I almost burnt two of my fingers off in the process, but man! they're fun!

Which means, Lucy had to have an over the top one for her circus outfit.

I got a little crazy with this one- adding feathers, a little embroidery, some buttons, and some loopy ribbon leafs.

So fun.

and so cute with her little dress.

Many of you have asked how I make these.
They're really easy... just keep gluing crap to a piece of felt until you like the way it looks, then cut around the felt. Position that onto a headband and glue another piece of felt onto the back (sandwiching the headband in between) Easy and fun!!! We already need some more packs of headbands....

okay... and on to the dress.
This one 'literally' made me squeal with delight.

I've tried to shirr countless times with very un-impressive results,
but I accidentally cut out this dress pattern (Portabello Pixie Claire), not realizing that it was shirred.
There was no way I was going to waste this adorable fabric I've had in my stash just waiting for an impromptu trip to the circus.

So I got online and tried several things before coming upon this youtube video that saved my shirring life! It worked perfectly. I was quite literally so happy I almost peed my pants. Ask my Mom.

Check out this shirring!

In hindsight, I wish I would've made the shirt instead of the dress. I didn't realize it would be SO long... but oh well, Lucy loves it and she'll probably be able to wear it for another 4 years.

The little lion is from Designs by Juju's Circus set.

The circus fabric is from Timeless Treasures. You may be able to find it on etsy or something. The red and white polka dots are from one of my trips to JoAnn's in Dallas. It was meant for some kind of Minnie Mouse or Christmas dress... guess I'll have to get some more. hehehehehe

So, that's Lucy's circus outfit.
She loved it!
Much more than she loved the circus, I'm afraid.

That's another story, though.


jellaan said...

Love the dress, love the headband and the great thing about it, as you mentioned, she will get years of use out of it!! :)

sordanuts said...

Loved your 'technical' construction

BConky said...

Love Lucy