Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Modkid Kyoko Patterns

I traced this off in Boo's size while I was at my Mom and Dad's during spring break and couldn't wait to get home and make one.

I made it up for Boo's in this fabric I got on clearance at Hancock Fabrics.
I wanted to make sure I like the fit and Ella liked the style before I splurged and got this fabric for it.

I'm not in love with this dress cause the fabric is just.... well.... just so so.
But I LOVE the pattern. I love everything about it. I love how the binding is sewn on. I love the sash. I love how the top can be fully lined. Love it.

Ella loves it, too.
It just slips over your head, so there are no zippers or buttons or anything and she loves that.
It has a bunch of fabric bunched up in the back, behind that awesome obi belt... which means she can wear this for a long time.

But it doesn't look too big. I hate clothes that look too big or that have no fit... I mean... that's why I sew. So it can fit correctly.
But if it has growing room and still looks like a good fit!.... heaven.

This was another outfit that we just couldn't seem to get a good photo shoot. The weather has been so awful around here lately. I can't wait for it to clear up!

Ella's baby doll had a good shoot, though. Check her out!

Yep! We got this pattern, too.
Another winner by Modkid! I guess there is a reason they cost so much....

This is actually the first doll outfit I've ever made. I made these before I made the Easter outfits and matching doll outfits. Ella just loved it so much... I decided almost everything will have to have a matching doll outfit.

And that means matching hair accessories, I was told by Boo's.
So, we needed to make some of these birdy felt snap clips from Digistitches.

Ella loved doing her dolls hair with these and getting her set to model.

When Ella saw her baby doll dress... it was love at first site.


jellaan said...

Love, love, love this dress!! I have this pattern and believe I even copied the pattern in a size 2....my daughter now wears a size 4 (or size 3 in most bottoms)!! Maybe this summer I'll get some made up. Love the matching birdie clippies too.....one of my favorite felt clips!! :)

Ellie Inspired said...

Adorable! I just recently bought my first pattern from her and was really impressed with it too. Love the matching doll dress too!

BConky said...

Love the dress and matching doll outfit.

Bolo heads said...

My Lala came up behind me and said "Well she looks awfully cute" Now she is embarassed that I am telling you this awfully cute story.

Just Jo said...

I really like this style dress. It is different but SO fun-looking! AG looks great, too!

Shannon H said...

I love it!! I think the fabrics are a great fit for this pattern. Modkid patterns are probably my favorite!! I have to finish sewing the patterns I have before I purchase another. So that is what I'm telling myself ;)