Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Retro Cherries Sweet Summer Halter for Boos

well.... we have a pretty strict rule about new clothes I make.
The kids know that they're not allowed to wear them until they are pressed and modeled.

But somehow, Ella managed to slip this Sweet Summer Halter past my radar.

I found her outside playing in it... notice the sweaty hair.

I asked her why she took it before we had a chance to model and she said, "I just love it so much, Mom. I couldn't wait to wear it!"

sigh..... how can I get irritated at that?

So, I threw her hair into some pigtails and we went out for an impromptu photo shoot.

So, the pictures aren't that great, but Ella's response to the dress was.
She loves it so much... like, wants to wear it everyday loves it.

I love when that happens.
It makes getting dressed in the morning so easy.

And no. I don't get kickbacks from the Tie Dye Diva- I just REALLY like her patterns.
This one is adorable, sized perfectly, easy to sew, and takes very little fabric. What more could you want?


Just Jo said...

Great style on that dress! Love the fabrics. Ella will definitely be the best dressed in kindergarten!

BConky said...

I don't blame her. It's got the spin factor going.

Michelle said...

Perfect name for this dress. Boos looks gorgeous in it...Reagan needs one! :)

kimberlee said...

You should get a kick back, LOL! I have already bought three of her patterns because of you, and now I think I am fixing to buy this one too, LOL!