Wednesday, May 18, 2011

William's circus t-shirt

a quick post today.... cause said boy is home with a fever...

For William's circus outfit, we just took a Hobby Lobby t-shirt and appliqued this seal to it. He and Ella both wanted the seal and I let him have it (I secretly wanted Ella to have the elephant... which she DIDN'T want, of course), so he was SUPER happy.

Except he wished the seal was bigger. I do, too, actually. I could really use a bigger machine now that W is getting bigger, but still likes appliqued shirts.
I used the 5X7, but it didn't take up the whole hoop- so I enlarged it in Embird as big as it would go.

I love this little guy. I wish he wasn't feeling bad.

He hasn't even asked to play the Wii.... so I know he feels horrible.

I hope we can confine it to his bedroom.
Please, oh please, don't spread throughout the house.


Back Porch Blessings said...

Poor lil guy. Hope hecfeels better. Love the shirt.

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

That is super cute, but still boyish. Hope he feels better too!
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