Monday, June 27, 2011

McCalls 6239 nightgown for Miss Emma

I've been really impressed with McCall's patterns for little girls lately.
I've just been buying them up as soon as they come out and since I have so many, I've vowed to use them! I have this habit of buying a bunch of patterns and then just using the same old ones over and over because they're already traced off.... or sitting out where I can see them.

I'm trying to get better about that, so as soon as I bought this one, I cut it out for Emma Daisy. (who is still wearing nightgowns I made her when she was one... she's almost 5)

I really like the style of this nightgown and it went together really easy. The only downfall is that it takes a lot of fabric. I actually had to cut up some pajama pants of mine to get enough fabric to cut out the bodice.

I never wore them... so you can't tell. I love the little flutter sleeves and bow in the front.

The nightgown just pulls over the head with the mock wrap and the little opening in the front makes it easy to move and play in that long gown.

The girls like them long because they're princessy and the moms like 'em so they can wear them longer.

Although... I'll make Emma nightgowns whenever she needs them... there's no need to wear them for 4 years, Sharon.

How could I ever say no to this face?
Isn't she beautiful.

This is one of three nightgowns I made for Emma this summer.
More tomorrow!


BConky said...

Emma is the cutest