Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Really, Easter????

Yep. I made this dress before Easter and I'm just NOW posting it....sigh. Horrible.

But I do love this dress.

So.... here's the story on the dress and others to come this week.

I was talking with my girlfriend a couple months ago and I was telling her that I really didn't enjoy sewing for other people. Reason?.... because it seems that they always want me to re-create something I've already made or that they saw on etsy or at Gymboree or whatever... and they want it cheaper..... sorry. That's just no fun for me. I like to be inspired by patterns or fabrics or trims and go from there. It's the creativity of design that keeps me loving sewing. So.... I was telling her all of this when I said.... sometimes, I wish people would just give me some money or beautiful fabrics and say make whatever you want with this and I know I'll love it.....
So, she handed me $60 from her wallet and said.... hey, take this and make some stuff for my kids. Whatever you want. And I know we'll love it. (She has 4 girls)

So the journey began for the perfect fabrics.
This Amy Butler was the winner. I just fell in love with it. I still want some more, because I used every bit of it. :(

I chose this pattern for the 2nd oldest child in the top version, but it turned out WAY too small, barely fitting Boo's in the chest and being long enough for a dress on her.

So, this one didn't get shipped to my girlfriend. It stayed with us.
I'm kinda glad. Ella and I both really liked it.

I can't figure out where the problem came in with the fit. I went by the measurements on the pattern sleeve and it should have been huge on Ella- but is tight. I know I did the seams right.... Mom thinks maybe my elastic was the wrong kind. I always just buy the stuff in the package from Wal-Mart.
I don't know.... but I do know that I'm not anxious to make the pattern again, even though I like the way it looks.

I've got four more dresses to show you in these fabrics, so I hope you like them.
Ella asked me if my friend was weird... because "those aren't very Easter-y fabrics!"

Has anyone made something from this pattern before?


Jodie said...

Hey Cole,
Was wondering where in the badoodles you were!!! Glad to see you are posting again...keep it up!! You inspire me--and I know a lot of other moms out there too!!!

Lindsey Ramage said...

Such a fun post! And that friend of yours is weird! Miss ya!