Thursday, June 23, 2011

Upcycled t-shirt onesie leotard

Before we left for the summer we did a major clean out in the house including all the closets. Amoung some others, I grabbed this Teach and Tumble t-shirt to up-cycle for Sophie.

Before I moved to AR and became a stay at home mommy, I owned my own business teaching gymnastics, cheerleading and developmental classes out of our local rec. center. Teach and Tumble was one of my favorites and it was hard to give up. Luckily, I passed the business onto my little sisters. All my children and nieces and nephews have participated in Teach and Tumble and now little Sophie is taking it.

It makes me so proud that they have all learned and played in a class that I grew from the ground up and also that my sisters and I have all made a living off those concepts and classes. This shirt was the first Teach and Tumble shirt made available at the rec center and Megan is wearing the latest, designed by my little sister Judy.

I just couldn't throw it out.... so I used Kwik Sew 3811 to cut it up into a little onesie leotard for Sophie.

To girly it up, I left the sleeves off and binded the armholes and then added some ruffles to the bum. I used that old sheet that I used here for the blue parts on the onesie for a virtually free upcycle! woo hoo

I was actually successful on the snaps, too. I can't believe it! I always have the hardest time with those suckers.

I really love how it turned out and so does my sister.

She came over the morning I got here to grab it and put it on Sophie to wear to class!
And then I got to babysit her!!!
She is just the sweetest, cutest, most easy going baby ever.

I am really, REALLY gonna miss this sweetie when I go back home.


Its Sew For You said...

absolutely adorable! LOVE the ruffle bottom :) It's hard to find good leotards, aside from dancewear stores!

katie said...

agree: absolutely too stinkin adorable!!