Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Lucy

Lucy is the tiniest of the 5 cousins in a row.
Sometimes it's tough being the smallest of the big girls.

Most of the time, I forget that Lucy is the same age as her cousins...

and she definitely gets the end of the stick on getting clothes made for her.

But... the child doesn't need anything. She gets all of Ella's hand-me-downs, plus the few new ones I make/buy her and also, all of Emma's hand-me-downs.

Sometimes, it's hard for Emma to get rid of her old dresses, so I like to spruce them up for Lucy and change them for Emma.

Look how happy she is!

She just loves her 'new' dress.

I just took this sweet polka dot hand me down dress from Emma (it's from The Children's Place) and put one of these new Crazy Cat Appliques on there.

I used Mom's 6 X 10 and let Lucy pick the design she wanted.
I couldn't believe she didn't pick one with a bow... but I like the sleeping one, too.

I made it look like her kitty, Sarafina.

What an easy way to spruce up this hand me down.
Happy kid. Happy Mom.


Amanda S. said...

It's really cute! Great way of making it new for Lucy.

lizconkwright said...

5 in a row?? What about Alyssa? That makes 6.