Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A must have shorts pattern- Maclain by Sara Norris

Have you guys noticed the serious lack of cute shorts patterns for little girls?
I swear... I was thinking that exact thing when I got to test the new shorts pattern by Sara Norris.

I just love this pattern so much!

I love the tailored waistband with the ease of elastic in the back.

I really love the piping and the cuffs and the buttons and the shirring.

I have plans to make Ella a couple more in different fabrics for school.
If I can ever find her birth certificate and social security card.... dang! Where did I put those?

I really want to pair these shorts with a little striped shirt in navy or black and white... but I can't find one.

So, she's been wearing these with a white tank top for now.
Do you guys have a favorite shorts pattern for little girls?


Julie said...

So cute!!

Lottieberry said...

Those shorts are cute...sadly I don't know how to make any clothes...yet.