Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Daddy is a Firefighter

Sophie's Daddy, that is.
Isn't she the cutest thing?

My brother in law is a volunteer firefighter taking classes to become a paramedic and full time fireman.
So, when I found this adorable knit at JoAnn's half off, I knew it was time to make Soph a little firefighter outfit.

I started with this McCall's pattern for the diaper cover. I still love this one, but I liked the bloomer look on the pattern and thought it might work better for Sophie's little fat legs.

Here it is before it has any elastic in it... huge, right?
Ella said, "Mommy... is that big thing gonna fit Sophie?" I said no, baby, it doesn't have any elastic in it.
"Oh", she says, "when there's no elastic in it, does it fit you?"

niiice. Thanks Ella.
Anyways, here they are with the elastic. Cute, huh?

Instead of making a casing with bias tape, I just zig zagged the elastic to the leg.
It was so easy! I just love these little bloomers on her tiny hiney.

I made her shirt with this cute knit pattern. I really like it and will probably use it a LOT! I wish I would've made Sophie's a little bit smaller thru the shoulders, but for the most part, I'm totally in love with it.

I did a rolled, lettuce edge hem on the ruffles and used the coverstitch machine at Mom's to do the hem

and attach the arm bindings.

Have I told you I love that machine??

The embroidery on the front is from Stitch on Time and the little dalmatian is from Lynnie Pinnie's new firefighter set.

Sophie likes the dog on the front!

My sister likes it, too. I saw Sophie wearing it bunches while I was in town.

It's so fun to make stuff for people who appreciate it.

And for babies who are such sweet, beautiful models!

I miss you Sophie.


Amanda S. said...

Super cute! I love that lettuce edge finish and wish I had a machine that did that. Sigh.

Julie said...

I LOVE the oufit and Sophie is adorable!! Thanks for sharing the tank kow I have to go buy it now, thanks!! :)

BConky said...

Sophie is the cutest. Love the outfit.

Mrs.Fitz said...

I have a yard of that fabric, I think it's so cute. I love that picture of William holding Sophie's hand walking down the side walk!!!! Heart melting!