Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shirred Bohemian Maxi Dress for Boos

I feel like my head could explode from these computer woes.

Thank you so much to all the sweet comments and emails and even one of you offering for your old laptop. You guys make me feel so loved!

I have an old one from my brother, my virus eaten one, and my hubby just brought me an old one from work- so hopefully, I can figure one of these out to stay in touch with the world.

I'm able to post pictures today!!!!! yea!
So, I'm gonna show you some that have already been watermarked and cropped. I made this over a month ago, so it's gotten a lot of wear already.

I'm calling this Ella's shirred Bohemian maxi dress.
My girls just love long dresses and skirts.

My Mom was cracking up the other day because Ella and I were debating (arguing) about the length for a skirt I was making her. She wanted it longer and I kept pressing her to make it shorter.

What Mom fights with her daughter to wear shorter skirts????

This dress was super simple to make. I just cut out some rectangles for the bodice, straps, skirt, and ruffle, sewed them together and shirred the bodice and waist.
I added some elastic to the straps- since I cut them too long and then attached the ruffle with my ruffler attachment on the serger and rolled hem the bottom.

Ella really loves it.... and coincidentally, I've seen it on Lucy just as many times, if not more. She loves it, too.

The fabric came from Wal-Mart. I looked at it a couple of times before purchasing it and although, I love the way it looks and feels, it was HORRIBLE to work with. The print was entirely off grain. (Like, the worst I've ever seen) I had to go back and get more because I tore it to get it on grain (like I always do) and it ripped right thru the entire piece of fabric.
After that, I just cut the fabric from the pattern on the fabric. It still worked- amazingly enough.

For the matching accessory, we went with another fabric flower from Pickle Pie designs. I've told you this is possibly my favorite design, ever, right?

They are so fast and so perfect for these kind of outfits.
That little covered button in the middle was an extra button in a little plastic baggy from a pair of silk pajamas my Mom bought me in middle school. I laugh every time I look at it.

I loved those pajamas and they are long gone, but I still have this little reminder.

This last picture had to be included.... according to Ella and Lucy.
We were playing around with the effects on picnik the other day and they loved this space one.
They think it looks like Katy Perry when she's singing 'Firework'. Lucy's new favorite song.

I was checking out the video on YouTube to see if it was appropriate for them (which it's not), but I let the watch the part where the fireworks are shooting out of her and they LOVED it!
It is pretty cool.


BConky said...

She does love that dress. It's a winner. Now make Lucy one.

Tie Dye Diva said...

Glad to see you back online! Love the dress and flower!

Amanda S. said...

I love this little dress! The colors are just beautiful and the ruffle is very fun. Haha about your argument over skirt length, I'm sure it will be the other way around when she gets older!