Sunday, July 31, 2011

Very Easy Dress for me- Vogue 8724

During my 'sew'cation with Mom, we started this dress and I just finished it up this morning to wear to church.

I really, REALLY like it.

This is the fit right out of the envelope, which is really amazing.
Nothing usually fits me this good straight from the pattern.

It's Very Easy Vogue 8724 with the custom cups.
I guess that's why it fits so good.

The only change I made to the pattern was doing the neckline and armscyes different. It called for a narrow 5/8 inch hem on them, but I did a binding leaving about 1/4 inch showing- for a little extra coverage.

I still think it's a little showey in that area and I aim to try to fix it when I make this again.

Here I am asking Mr. Cole if my boobs are hanging out too much.

ha ha.... he thinks it's really funny to take pictures of my boobs. sigh...
but this time, I'm actually grateful, because you can see the binding I did on the neckline... and how low cut it still is.

The pattern is really easy and, also, is SUPER cute in the back. I didn't think to get the Mr. to take a picture from behind... I'll do that next time I make it.
I already purchased some fabric to make it again and it's really pretty!

The fabric on this dress isn't anything I would have ever picked out. It's from Mom's stash and since we were doing a muslin... I didn't care what it looked like, but I actually love it on. It's a thicker, great feeling ITY. I have no idea where she got it, but my guess would be

So... can you believe it... a dress for me!
I love it.
If you've been wanting to make something for yourself and haven't- go pick this pattern up. It's simple, takes very little fabric- not even 1.5 yards, and fit is great!

I have a few other things I made myself (with Mom's help) to show you guys, too, but I have to model them.... haven't done that yet.


jellaan said...

Cute dress!! I really need to make myself some clothes!! :)

Amanda S. said...

How pretty! I'm so happy you finally made yourself something! Hurray for the sewcation - I totally need one of those.