Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ella's 1st day of Kindergarten

I can't believe it.
I've been dreading this day forever and it's finally here.

I held her back as long as I could, and I'm still glad I did that, but she is so ready for school, now. She's anxious to learn and make friends. She's so excited about reading, riding the bus and eating lunch at school.

Within minutes, she had a group of little girls around her; introducing herself, complimenting their outfits and backpacks, reassuring the timid ones and pretty much organizing a pep rally in the cafeteria.

She has a confidence that rivals mine as an adult, but that I never had as a young kid. I find it admirable and comforting but also a little scary. I hope that she will behave , be polite, courteous, and respectful and also kind to all her classmates.

I worry about her like I never worried about William. He has always been so well mannered and mild tempered. Ella is my little drama queen. I hope her day goes better than William's 1st day of school.

The poor thing was laid up in bed.
His second day was great, though, and we are just thrilled with his teacher for this year. His only complaint was that, "No one told him his new shoes were awesome."
My sweet sensitive boy.

It was a huge decision for Ella to decide what to wear this morning. I was so thrilled that she chose her new Pixie Girl Dress.

I had the honor of testing this Ellie Inspired pattern this summer and I just love how it turned out.

The fit is perfect. I love the length. I love the flounces. I love the bodice.

I love the little buttons on the back.

And I really love this dotted swiss I found in my mom's stash.
I finished the edges of the flounces with a rolled hem.

I think it's a massive compliment to Laura that Ella picked this dress out of the MANY things that I've made her for school.

Oh... and if you're wondering how Lucy is doing with her siblings at school.

She's great- happier than a pig in... mud.
At least for today.


Mrs.Fitz said...

What a pretty dress! Ella's got great fashion sense. Hope she enjoys kindergarten!

Erica said...

Oh Nicole! It helped me to read this, since I'm dreading next Monday when my girls start kindergarten! Why can't they just stay little?! She looked precious! Hope the rest of your little ones' week is perfect!!

jellaan said...

Aww, happy first day of school Ella!! Hope it was a great first day! How'd you do Nicole? Love your Pixie Girl!! :)

Sara said...

she looks adorable!!

BConky said...

I love that dress to Ella. William I think your shoes are really cool. Poor Lucy missing Ella after only an hour.

JennyLyn said...

All day kindergarten. That is a big first step. Good luck to Ella and You! Love her dress.

Amanda S. said...

I love it! I can't wait to see some of the other things you made for her. Your love language must be gift giving!

Anonymous said...

ummm is that little jacket lucy is wearing like a 6 months ha ha ha ha ha i remember ella wearing it!


Sally said...

What pattern number is Ella's fist day of school dress?

Also where do you find such great swimsuit fabrics?


Cole's Corner said...

Hi Sally!
Ella's dress was made with an Ellie Inspired dress pattern called Pixie Girl. Here is the link:

I have a note on my facebook page which lists all my sources for swimsuit fabric.

daniKate designs said...

This dress has got to be one of my favorites. I'm so glad you linked to it on the Ellie Inspired group, you have inspired me to get the pattern :)