Monday, August 22, 2011

A Frog Prince Fairytale Dress

I've been saving this fabric (that I bought at JoAnn's) for a while now and thought it would be perfect for the testing of the Fairytale Dress by the Tie Dye Diva. Ella wasn't that crazy about the frogs and Lucy loved it, so she gets the dress.

That's how it works around here... and BOY! did this dress turn out adorable.

Someone ended up loving it, too, and wanted to wear it as a top with leggings.

I love it as a top, too. I didn't make the leggings, though. I got those at the GAP, but I will be making all future leggings we own as a result of another amazing pattern I got to test last week. More info coming soon.

{These pictures show the dress as a tested product. The final copy of the pattern will have a narrower bodice and longer length}

My favorite thing about this pattern is the corset bodice.

I'm a huge fan of corset styles, but think they can look a little 'grown up' on little girls sometimes. This one doesn't at all! It's laced all the way up- with no gaping fronts and it's just so sweet and 'princessy'. I would recommend shopping for ribbon for the bodice while you're choosing fabrics. This is the second ribbon I tried and I'm still not crazy about it. I like the color, but wish it was a bit narrower.

Next time, I'll make sure I have a perfect ribbon first!

This dress had a couple firsts for me. I've never done a handkerchief skirt before or one of the new {all the rage} buttonhole ties in the back.

That is wonderful for sizing. I can see this dress/top fitting for a long time.
I like that.

And I know these cuties do, too.

Although the girls seem to be falling out of love with their bows and more into headbands and plain ponytails and flowers... I just had to make a bow for this one.

I told them they couldn't wear it unless they wore the bow.
hehahahhahahaha... evil laugh.

so what.


BConky said...

Hailey says I have to teach you how to make a spinning dress ha ha. I guess she likes the purple and pink one.

Amy said...

Wow - this is adorable! I really like it as a top, too. How do you end up getting to test so many patterns?

jellaan said...

Love it!! It turned out so cute and love that it will fit for many years. I love any dress that can be worn for years!! :) It looks great on both girls!

Amanda S. said...

Another beautiful creation! And I LOVE frogs and am glad they make some for little girls.