Friday, September 30, 2011

Snow White Claire for Boos!

Well, it's apple week this week at Ella's school....
and that means new clothes, right?!

I've been dying to make my girls some play princess dresses ever since I made Hailey's Cinderella dress, so this was the perfect opportunity to sew up a dress like my favorite princess- Snow White.

I used the Claire pattern by Portabello Pixie, which still remains to be one of my all time favorite patterns. It's actually my Mom's... but I swiped it a while back and despite her efforts to get it back... I just keep sewing from it.
This is about the 9th claire I've made and I've loved every single one!

I didn't make any changes to that pattern aside from the design details- like the red things on the sleeves and the ribbon down the front and I changed the sash a tiny bit.

I was able to use my new embroidery machine for the applique -so it's a BIG one! yea! The big ones looks so much better now that the kids are getting older.

I made a little bow to go with her dress, too, using Ruffles and Stuff simple bow tutorial- I just made it a little bigger and wider. I think it's SO, SO cute! Thank you Disney!

I managed to remember to take a photo of the back, too.
I was unsure about putting the sash on the dress because Snow White doesn't have a sash, but I really love it and I'm so glad I made it red!

I know it's ridiculous to make new clothes for the Kindergarten themes... but I just can't help myself.
It's so fun!!!
...and it makes for one happy kindergartner.

I think she makes the most lovely Snow White.

Oh... want to see some of the Claire's I've made???
Look how tiny the girls are.... sigh.

My babies are growing up. :(

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cinderella play version

So, Hailey always wants dress up dresses for her birthday, but I really wanted to give her something she could wear to school this year {as she started pre-school in September}

I've been a huge fan of Tinkerella on etsy for years- always searching thru the new things she's made and I've always loved the play princess outfits she makes.
That was the inspiration for this little peasant dress for Hailey.

I love how it turned out! I want to make one for all the girls!
Ella is a little bigger than Hailey- so on her it's longer and I sent her some white leggings to wear with it to school instead of these black ones that we modeled with it.

Comfy, cute, and princess- I think I hit all Hailey's checklist points.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma Daisy!!!

It's my neices' birthday today! Yea! Happy Birthday Ems!
I'm still working on her birthday gifts... but it got me thinking that I never showed ya'll my other nieces birthday gifts.

Miss Hailey turned five at the beginning of August and she was all about Cinderella this year. I made her a Sleeping Beauty and Belle dress that she LOVES and she informed me that, this year, she needed a Cinderella version.

***NOTE that this photo is Hailey wearing the dress straight out of the mail- hence the hideous wrinkles that so desperately need pressed. She is such a cutie pie... but I cringe every time I look at this photo (which is the only one I have of her modeling the dress...)***

Since she loves the other two so much, I went ahead and used the same pattern- just one size bigger.

I added the little faux corset on the bodice by arranging some gross grain ribbon and straight stitching it on. I really like the look of it. Even though it's hard to see in these photos.

I'm now noticing that the dress needs pressed in these photos, too. Ugggggghhh! So ugly. Maybe that's why I never posted these pictures... hmmmmm....

I find that most kids do not like those poofy things on the side of Cinderella's dress, so I made them a bit different on this version- using a rolled hem and an eye for the curve. According to Ella, it's much better than the 'poofs' and more comfy to dance in.

I have more stuff to show you from Hailey's birthday... but I just called the sewing machine shop and they are done with my new machine!! Hooray!!! So I've got to throw on some jeans and head up to the shop to get my new toy.

{Some of you were asking... it's a Brother Pacesetter 2001 that my girlfriend found on Craigslist for me and my parents went and picked up for me. It's a sewing/embroidery machine combo with 6X10 sewing field. I'm so thrilled!}


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

La La La La La La.... the Smurf Sandpiper

Remember Ella's green dress?
When I was posting that I remembered that I forgot to show the first Sandpiper I made.
I make so many things that, unfortunately, many of them do not make it to the blog.

But I couldn't let this one go without a post. I made it WAY back at the beginning of August when I tested this pattern for Laura, but I just wanted you guys to see it. It just came out so cute!

The Sandpiper is a really great and easy pattern. I love that it uses knits.
Have I told you I love knits?... and my kids do, too.

A little birdy told me that Laura has more knit patterns in the works and I, for one, could not be more excited!

This pattern lends itself greatly to leggings- my girls favorite choice in leg wear.
I had the opportunity to test a leggings pattern for Jocole and could NOT be any happier. I have tried many, many leggings patterns- from the main pattern companies, independent designers, and European patterns. I don't know how she did it... but this is BY far the greatest and best fitting leggings pattern I have ever seen.

I will be making these by the dozens.

For the little bow, I just appliqued some of the fabric to a piece of felt and hot glued it in the middle of the bow. Easy Peasy and Ella loves it.
She was actually able to wear this outfit to see The Smurfs at the movie theater.
We had so much fun!

Wondering where I got the Smurf knit from?

A few years ago, my kids had really gotten into The Smurfs and I found these pajama pants in the clearance section at Kohl's. I think the top was missing- so I got them for a steal and they've just been collecting dust in the stash... until The Smurfs movie came out and renewed Ella's love for all things Smurf.

Women's pajama pants are a great source for cute knits. You can find licensed prints all the time. I don't know about you guys, but my kids love those characters.
These pants were women's size Medium and I was able to get the bodice and a pair of leggings and a doll outfit!

Jocole's leggings pattern has a doll pattern for leggings included (which was wonderful) and I just drafted the pattern for dolly based on Laura's design for the Sandpiper.
I'm going to offer it as a FREE download as soon as I can figure out some stuff on this little laptop.

The girls love it so much when I make them matching doll clothes.
Lucy was jealous that I was doing a photo shoot with Ella's doll, so we had to do a quick shoot of her Strawberry Shortcake dolls, too.

Aren't they the cutest?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Briar Rose

Do you know how exciting it was for me to make a Briar Rose dress instead of the typical Sleeping Beauty dress for Lucy???

The scenes with Briar Rose are some of my favorite movie scenes of all times. I love everything about them; the fairies sewing and cooking and fighting, the song in the forest, the

The dress isn't beautiful in the traditional sense, but I've always loved it.
I SO wish I had a small wicker basket and shawl for this photo shoot to complete the look.

You know how I talked Miss Sassy Pants into letting me make her this one instead of the pink one?

This amazing skirt.
Eight gores of slinky, twirly, soft, comfy knit.

Every girls dream... and she loves it.

It may be grey and dull in color, but it's full of sass and swing and it's comfy!

I almost made a traditional woven dress- with a real collar and cuffs and a zipper up the back... but dress up dresses should be comfy and easy to put on and non wrinkly.

This franken pattern combo of a Jalie pattern and the twirly dress was the perfect fit.

I changed the sweetheart to this angler top, raised the neckline, added the little collar and finished the edges with fold over elastic for the bodice and then just gathered the skirt and added it to the bottom. I finished the edges of the skirt with a rolled hem....

and I actually remembered to take a picture of the back.

I'm having so much fun making all these princess dresses!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Robes for the Family Part Lucy

Lucy LOVES her robe!
She picked every part of the design and she couldn't be happier with the outcome.
I think she's worn her robe at least once a day every day since it's been made.

The combination of being teeny tiny plus the desire to be naked all the time makes this one freezing chica most of the time.

For that reason, I knew I wanted her robe to be fleece!
She chose Simplicity 3584 out of my patterns and we went to work. This pattern is super, super easy to make and made me feel extremely guilty for not getting it done sooner.

Isn't she sweet!

She chose a pink and white flannel gingham fabric for the binding and I thought it was so cute, I used it for the sash also.

I got this sweet kitty cat fleece from Hancock Fabrics for my niece, but had enough to make something for Lucy, too.

and... to her great delight, we had enough to make one for her baby {Kourtney}

This made me the coolest Mom in the world for the entire day.

Happy daughter. Happy Mom!

Crossing necessitous sewing off the list feels so great!
But this week will be full of FUN sewing- a Snow White costume, a Mulan costume, a 1st birthday outfit, and maybe some apple themed stuff for Boos!

We're also putting up the Halloween decorations this weekend! yea!~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Necessitous sewing- Robes for the Family Part William

Necessitous sewing is never as fun as, well, sewing for fun.
But it's got to be done.

Everyone in this family needs a new robe.
I love wearing robes and I love making them,too, but I can never seem to find the type of pattern I'm looking for.

This time, I just let the kids look thru the patterns and pick one.
William picked Simplicity 5874.

I liked everything about it, except that I wanted the robe to be fully lined, but that was an easy fix.

William chose this light blue fleece {that was meant to be a long cape for Lucy... oh well} and this football flannel for the lining.

It's William's favorite part.

Isn't he cute!

I must admit, the hood is my favorite part.

I really wanted to make someone's robe with a hood and neither Ella nor Lucy chose a hood pattern. I also wanted to put the pockets on William's, but he wouldn't go for it.

I made it just the way he wanted it and he loves it.

***It's really easy to make a lining for a pattern without one- just cut all the pieces out of some lining. Sew the two of them separately, as if you were making two things and then sew them together {wrong sides together} I lined the arms with some silky, lining type fabric instead of the flannel so it wouldn't be as hot and so his arms would slip through easily. ***

I didn't do the boy challenge on Project Run and Play this week.
I was going to make a jacket with lots of hidden inside pockets, but I just didn't do it since my parents were here. I really thought this challenge would've been fun and I'm kinda bummed that I didn't do it... cause now I'll probably never make it. ha!
Did you see those entries, this weekend? They were great!
I love making stuff for my little boy and seeing what others make for theirs.

Today I'm working on Lucy's new princess outfit.... it's Jasmine this week!
Sleeping Beauty was last week... and I arrived for class just as it was ending... ugh... but I haven't done a photo shoot with Lucy in it, yet. In time...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Grandparents week!

Sorry for the lack of posting last week!
My parents came to see us for an impromptu visit.
We had so much fun! There just wasn't time for blogging.

Mom and I made it to the fabric store one day while Dad watched Lucy and we were there for 3.5 hours!!!! Oh my gosh. No wonder I was starving when we left. We had no idea we were in there that long- but we had a blast!

We also managed to cut out and piece a quilt in less than a day and take it to the quilter in town!

My Mom bought these fabrics a while back when I made Sophie's quilt to make one for herself and she just hasn't had time to make it.
When she told me she was coming, I suggested she bring the fabrics so we could make it. I don't think she really wanted to do it, but I kinda kept warting her and in the end, she was really excited.

She thinks it's kinda busy, but I think it's really pretty. I love the fabrics she picked. We also made a little tag for the back- but I forgot to snap a picture of it.
It's really cute.

But for most of the week, we just ran around, went out to eat, and hung out.
We spent a lot of time outside, the weather was mostly pretty while they were here and definitely an improvement from the TX heat.

We took a walk each morning after the kids got on the bus and Lucy started a killer rock collection in the front yard.

Mom and Pops were experimented on for new hair-do's.

And we put together this puzzle! I love Snow White!

We had so much fun... I didn't even make anything for Ella's theme of the week {but luckily it was nursery rhymes, so she could wear this dress} or for William's Independence celebration {he was mad at me, but borrowed something from the neighbor}

In addition to a bunch of pretty fabrics, they also brought me my new embroidery machine- which I dropped off at the shop for a service. I should have it back in a week! I can't wait.

Today, I'm taking some of my stuff up to the county fair to see if I can win any ribbons. I did it a few years ago and won a bunch of stuff, so.... we'll see.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Purple Day- Marissa Dress

Ella was a little irritated with me on Purple Day.
We had something planned out to make, but I just wasn't in the mood to make it.

Especially when I realized she hadn't worn this dress I made back in May.

It was perfect for purple day and so beautiful. I just love this dress.

It's made from the Marissa dress pattern by Sis Boom. I really like the style of this pattern.

It's designed to be shorter, but I wanted a maxi dress, so I just added length.

This fabric is another Wal-Mart steal. I got it for about $4 a yard.
I fell in love with it at first site.

Ella loves it, too. The reason she didn't want to wear it is 'because I've worn that a million times!' I had to convince her that even though she'd worn it a million times, that it was new to school.

Silly girl.
I made it up to her by giving her a purple manicure.

I know I'm spoiling her... but it's fun.
I just got a year worth of themes from her Kindergarten teacher so I can make her some outfits to go with what she's learning at school. I know I'm crazy... but I'm a little giddy with excitement about that.

I've been asked several times for a review of this pattern and I've been putting it off because I'm not 100% in love with it.

I have no problem giving a glowing review for a pattern that I really love, but I hesitate to write anything negative about someone else's work.

I've decided to just be honest in my review of it- take it or leave it- it's just my opinion.

Things I love:
*the modern, more mature style
*the fit- I love that it has a zipper in it. I prefer more tailored clothes, than say, pillowcase dresses and tunics and stuff.

Things I'm not so in love with:
*1/4 in seams.
Have I told you I HATE 1/4 inch seams???
Especially when it's a gathered seam and especially when I'm using something other than quilting cotton or knits. I find it difficult to gather fabrics and seam them with such a small allowance. The fabric frays and I just find it frustrating. I like a little more to work with. I find this irritating in all patterns with 1/4 seams.
Just my opinion. I'm not that worried about wasting such a tiny bit of fabric.
*I don't like the directions for the middle rouched part of the bodice. You're supposed to just smooth it out and stitch down the in a few places. I prefer a more intentional look with pleats or gathers. Easy fix, though.

I made this dress for Lucy, also and had difficulty with the fit. I had to cut the straps off and then couldn't find anymore of the fabric.
Much to her disappointment, her dress has been laying on my sewing desk for months.... sad.