Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Black Day- Chiffon pink apple dress

Want to see what Ella wore on 'Black Day' yesterday?

It's a self drafted, pull on, asymmetrical, chiffon dress with an elastic waist.

We both really love how it turned out.

This one was of the things I considered using for my Back to School challenge for Project Runway... which, by the way, I was kicked off of this week.

Yeah... I'm bummed, but I'm considering doing all the challenges anyways.
We'll see.

I got this adorable black chiffon fabric with little pink apples from Wal-Mart. It was only, like, $2 a yard or something and I only bought one yard- so this dress was super cheap to make. I lined it with some satin and it's super comfy because it just pulls on and has an elastic waist for fit.

I finished the edges with a rolled hem on the serger.

I keep thinking it needs something else... like a belt or a bow somewhere.
But she just wore it like this yesterday and she loved it, so I'm happy.

Mom says I'm spoiling her by making something new for every color day...
but it's just TOO fun! I can't help myself.


Marianne said...

Cute dress! Forgive my cluelessness, but what does self-drafted mean?

Amy said...

Maybe you are spoiling her - but I say that you should enjoy it while you can. One day, it'll take a bit longer than a day or two to sew something up! Or... heaven forbid, she doesn't want you to sew for her.

BConky said...


Amanda S. said...

I think she'll remember how much you loved her by making all of these beautiful clothes. Perhaps her pink cowboy boots might be cute with it for a little more jazz.

Mrs.Fitz said...

So cute!

sordanuts said...

Awwww....Nicole I can't imagine how this happened. When I checked the results you were a good 30 votes ahead. You still did good and all of your fans on here love what you do! Hugs!

liZ evans said...

Hey. We're pretty bummed that you aren't with us at PR&P anymore. When Elizabeth and I first looked at your blog (when scoping out our competition) we knew that we would like you.

You make such cute things and you've obviously got skills---the construction of your outfit was awesome and the work on the applique was amazing.

I love you making an outfit for your daughter everyday. It's totally something i would do. Maybe you are spoiling her but they are only young and little once we and need to enjoy them all we can while we have them.

Ok. I'll quit taking up all your comment space. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD----SHE LOOKS SOOOOOO GROWN UP in that picture of her smiling with no teeth... NO NO NOOOO!!