Friday, September 9, 2011

Brown day

Luckily for brown day I had these little slacks completely made except for the cuffs.

I got on a kick a few weeks ago of making Ella pants and I made about 8 pair- three of them were off McCall's 5457.

I just think these are so cute. I bought this pattern ages ago, when Ella was one year old or something like that and I've been dying to make them for her.

Ella didn't really care much for them, but she humored me and wore them anyways.
I lined the inside with some silky lining- so she liked the way the felt.
We had a difference of opinion on the styling. I wanted her to wear a sweet lacy white camisole with a brown cardigan sweater with them, but she just wouldn't go for it. I gave in and let her wear this hand me down brown t-shirt. eh. Whatever girl.

I also wanted her to wear a little brown headband, but lost that battle, too and we went with the side german braid.

It's difficult to choose your battles with kids... but I pride myself on letting them choose their own style... even though it's hard sometimes.

I'd love to dress her up any way I like and make her clothes that I'd like to wear if I was skinny and young.
I mean, she has no use for these little details- like the faux tab pockets-

and the little tailoring darts I added to the back. Oh... her little butt! So cute.

I wish I had a better picture of these pants, but this was the best one I got.
The fabric was some leftover from something or other my Mom made for my little sister and I grabbed from the goodwill pile.
I matched the plaids pretty good, but not great. The fabric was kinda slippery... but what gave me the most grief was the cuffs!

... oh, the cuffs on this pattern! Those damn cuffs!!!! I could not figure out the directions included in the pattern and of course I was finishing these up the night before she was supposed to wear them.

I have to send a big shout out to Laura from Ellie Inspired, who responded to my facebook plea for help (it was too late to call my Mommy) She called me and let me ramble on about the difficulty and we talked thru different possibilities and she also sent me a link for how to do it. Thank you, again, Laura!

I've made such good sewing friends thru this online community.
I wish we all lived next door to each other and we could just run over to each other's houses and show off our stuff instead of doing it in HTML.

Maybe one day we'll meet in person.
Until then, why don't you guys introduce yourselves.
I know some of the people who follow my blog, but most of you, I don't know.
Leave me a link to your blog or etsy shop so I can check out what you guys are making or tell me who you are and where you live, or something you'd love to see me make!


Jo said...

I would never have imagined the pants from THAT envelope would have turned out so CUTE on your daughter! Lovely! My name is Jenny Jo, and I live in Nebraska. I do not have a blog (because I know I would sit in front of this computer all day long!) but I have uploaded some pictures to flickr:
It's very nice to meet you!

jellaan said...

Ha, you know me and my blog, which I haven't updated in forever!!! :) Here is the link of these days I might get back to blogging, but I've been so busy. Isn't Laura GREAT!! Oh, my blog...

The pants turned out really cute!! I'm not looking forward to the day Madeline won't wear some of the stuff I make her! :( So far she will wear just about anything, but she is so strong willed I bet she'll be fighting with me about her clothes in the near future!!

bogey1387 said...

Hey! I'm Toni and I play in all crafts but don't master any. I recently found you blog while searching for embroidery/applique info. I am hooked and get excited about every new post you make! We call Virgnina our home currently (military) and my blog is

Amy said...

Those are some seriously cute pants - just so cute! I'm Amy from Louisiana - I think you've been over to my blog before. I'm currently gearing up for Fall/Winter with a coat for Miss. D.

Crystal said...

Oh I love those pants. I am a recent convert to your blog and love it. I don't have a blog but make childrens clothes for my two daughters and sell some others that they refuse to wear ! I love to read blogs and see what others create. I live all the way in Australia so this is a way for me to become part of an online sewing community. I am so jealous of you all in the U.S as you have so many fabric choices (so much more than we get) and your fabric is so much cheaper. I guess that's why there are so many sewers and crafters over there.

Ellie Inspired said...

Hey Nicole!! Thanks for the shout-out. They turned out sooo cute!! So very professional and stylish. Way to go!

toy said...

this is such a cute pair of pants. It fits her so great, it has a tailored look to it.

Angie said...

I love those pants! I'm Angie and I got addicted to felt stitchies from GG Designs the first time I read your blog. That should have been a sign to stay away, but I haven't :)
I have been so intimidated by the photos on other people's sewing blogs (yours included) that I put off starting my own until recently. I'd love it if you checked it out at:

Bolo heads said...

Hello my name is Robyn I blog over at I of course have been following you since I started knowing what a blog was about a year and a half ago. I wish I lived next door too. just so I could borrow from your stash. I also think it would be fun to see the tree in person.
I am currently hosting a fabric swap if you want to check it out. I know that you are not really a quilter, but it might be fun. 200 different fabrics, am I tempting you yet.

Marianne said...

I love the details on those cute pants. I would love to have you visit my blog:
I'm a newbie and I love comments (and followers!)

Karamat said...

Cute pants! My daughter's preschool has been doing color days, but since we only get notice the day before I haven't been able to make anything for her.

I blog at

Anonymous said...

Finnegan just stole a webkinz and is throwing it all over the place. He is so cute. Love these pants. Judy would love those pants.

Jon and Reans said...

I love those pants! I would want them in my size :)

Anonymous said...

oh god... so cute