Monday, September 19, 2011

Grandparents week!

Sorry for the lack of posting last week!
My parents came to see us for an impromptu visit.
We had so much fun! There just wasn't time for blogging.

Mom and I made it to the fabric store one day while Dad watched Lucy and we were there for 3.5 hours!!!! Oh my gosh. No wonder I was starving when we left. We had no idea we were in there that long- but we had a blast!

We also managed to cut out and piece a quilt in less than a day and take it to the quilter in town!

My Mom bought these fabrics a while back when I made Sophie's quilt to make one for herself and she just hasn't had time to make it.
When she told me she was coming, I suggested she bring the fabrics so we could make it. I don't think she really wanted to do it, but I kinda kept warting her and in the end, she was really excited.

She thinks it's kinda busy, but I think it's really pretty. I love the fabrics she picked. We also made a little tag for the back- but I forgot to snap a picture of it.
It's really cute.

But for most of the week, we just ran around, went out to eat, and hung out.
We spent a lot of time outside, the weather was mostly pretty while they were here and definitely an improvement from the TX heat.

We took a walk each morning after the kids got on the bus and Lucy started a killer rock collection in the front yard.

Mom and Pops were experimented on for new hair-do's.

And we put together this puzzle! I love Snow White!

We had so much fun... I didn't even make anything for Ella's theme of the week {but luckily it was nursery rhymes, so she could wear this dress} or for William's Independence celebration {he was mad at me, but borrowed something from the neighbor}

In addition to a bunch of pretty fabrics, they also brought me my new embroidery machine- which I dropped off at the shop for a service. I should have it back in a week! I can't wait.

Today, I'm taking some of my stuff up to the county fair to see if I can win any ribbons. I did it a few years ago and won a bunch of stuff, so.... we'll see.


Happy Together said...

Oooo I'm jealous! I want my mom to come visit me now and go fabric shopping!!!! So glad you had a good time with them :)

Anonymous said...

oooo new embroidery machine...drool!!
what kind is it? How big is the embroidery field?

BConky said...

It was loads of fun. Best fabric shopping trip since the Harry Hines Outlet shop years ago. Can't wait to see my finished quilt.