Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma Daisy!!!

It's my neices' birthday today! Yea! Happy Birthday Ems!
I'm still working on her birthday gifts... but it got me thinking that I never showed ya'll my other nieces birthday gifts.

Miss Hailey turned five at the beginning of August and she was all about Cinderella this year. I made her a Sleeping Beauty and Belle dress that she LOVES and she informed me that, this year, she needed a Cinderella version.

***NOTE that this photo is Hailey wearing the dress straight out of the mail- hence the hideous wrinkles that so desperately need pressed. She is such a cutie pie... but I cringe every time I look at this photo (which is the only one I have of her modeling the dress...)***

Since she loves the other two so much, I went ahead and used the same pattern- just one size bigger.

I added the little faux corset on the bodice by arranging some gross grain ribbon and straight stitching it on. I really like the look of it. Even though it's hard to see in these photos.

I'm now noticing that the dress needs pressed in these photos, too. Ugggggghhh! So ugly. Maybe that's why I never posted these pictures... hmmmmm....

I find that most kids do not like those poofy things on the side of Cinderella's dress, so I made them a bit different on this version- using a rolled hem and an eye for the curve. According to Ella, it's much better than the 'poofs' and more comfy to dance in.

I have more stuff to show you from Hailey's birthday... but I just called the sewing machine shop and they are done with my new machine!! Hooray!!! So I've got to throw on some jeans and head up to the shop to get my new toy.

{Some of you were asking... it's a Brother Pacesetter 2001 that my girlfriend found on Craigslist for me and my parents went and picked up for me. It's a sewing/embroidery machine combo with 6X10 sewing field. I'm so thrilled!}



BConky said...

I have not seen that dress yet, only the short knit one. So cute. I'm excited you got your machine today. I ordered a Kindle Fire for your kids for Christmas so no big gifts for them this year. I think they will love it. I hope they have enough of them. I ordered 5 of them. ha ha