Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Necessitous sewing- Robes for the Family Part William

Necessitous sewing is never as fun as, well, sewing for fun.
But it's got to be done.

Everyone in this family needs a new robe.
I love wearing robes and I love making them,too, but I can never seem to find the type of pattern I'm looking for.

This time, I just let the kids look thru the patterns and pick one.
William picked Simplicity 5874.

I liked everything about it, except that I wanted the robe to be fully lined, but that was an easy fix.

William chose this light blue fleece {that was meant to be a long cape for Lucy... oh well} and this football flannel for the lining.

It's William's favorite part.

Isn't he cute!

I must admit, the hood is my favorite part.

I really wanted to make someone's robe with a hood and neither Ella nor Lucy chose a hood pattern. I also wanted to put the pockets on William's, but he wouldn't go for it.

I made it just the way he wanted it and he loves it.

***It's really easy to make a lining for a pattern without one- just cut all the pieces out of some lining. Sew the two of them separately, as if you were making two things and then sew them together {wrong sides together} I lined the arms with some silky, lining type fabric instead of the flannel so it wouldn't be as hot and so his arms would slip through easily. ***

I didn't do the boy challenge on Project Run and Play this week.
I was going to make a jacket with lots of hidden inside pockets, but I just didn't do it since my parents were here. I really thought this challenge would've been fun and I'm kinda bummed that I didn't do it... cause now I'll probably never make it. ha!
Did you see those entries, this weekend? They were great!
I love making stuff for my little boy and seeing what others make for theirs.

Today I'm working on Lucy's new princess outfit.... it's Jasmine this week!
Sleeping Beauty was last week... and I arrived for class just as it was ending... ugh... but I haven't done a photo shoot with Lucy in it, yet. In time...


Amy said...

I love his robe. I don't blame about William for not wanting pockets - I don't think that I've ever used the ones on my robe. Do your kids really wear their robes?

elizabeth said...

I ended up making up the robe on PR&P but I still don't love it...I need a good pattern too.

Hudson said...

Think pajamas and a bride robe instead. If it is a shower for just close friends then you can treat her to all the flimsy nighties you can afford.