Thursday, September 1, 2011

Project Run and Play!

Have you heard of this competition?

I'm one of the 'designers' this season and I could not be more excited.
I was invited to do it last season and was so bummed out to decline, because I had already committed to So You Think You're Crafty. I loved being a part of that competition and the challenges it threw at me, but I really think this is more up my alley.

I'm not really crafty... but I LOVE TO SEW!!! AND ESPECIALLY KIDS CLOTHES!!!

I really felt like a Project Runway contestant getting ready for this first challenge (which is back to school). I started with one design and was loving it until I was done... then I just thought it was so-so. So, I moved on and chose another design and got it 1/2 way cut out when I was called out of town for several days. When I got back, I quickly made a fully lined wool coat and a self drafted chiffon dress...the day before the challenge was due- and I was sick with a fever. Like... if I didn't have a Kleenex handy- the snot would run out of my nose- sick. ugh....

and it was Ella's birthday, so in addition to finishing the Project Run and Play submission, I also had to complete an entire birthday outfit, plan a party, shop for stuff, wrap presents... all the while sick as a dog.
The morning my submission was due, I went out with Ella to model and guess what??? It started raining.

oh my gosh- you guys... I was struggling.
Mr. Cole was making fun of me... wondering why I was stressed out..."hahahhahahah... you don't even have a job!!!.....sigh.
So, I scratched the coat and dress.... sigh... and went with the original design- since it was already finished and modeled.

I just really wanted to be proud of what I sent down the 'runway' and I do like it... it's just not what I really planned. Sometimes life happens that way.

I just hope I don't get kicked out the 1st week. I'm so excited about all the challenges and have already sketched out about a million things.

I should be working on the next challenge, but I was busy tonight making a 'green' outfit for Ella for school tomorrow.

Will I ever learn? I think I must work better under pressure.

Anyways... if you're still reading this... go vote for me tomorrow.
We don't have to 'hide' who we are, so look for Boo's and place a vote- for me- or whoever you think is the best. I can't wait to see what the other designers came up with!

I'm so proud to be a part of this competition!